Tell me a Story


Isn’t the morning breeze in autumn so soothing? -sigh-

The kids were screaming of happiness a week ago when they got out in the morning and felt the cooler weather. Good times.

This week I'm excited to share this inspiration post with you, I hope it makes you feel all the good feelings!

  • Calligraphy quote on gorgeous handmade paper, nude color, sepia ink (one of my favs) oh I wish you can touch the texture and thickness of this paper…

We are all unique and special and so is our story…. a story not worthy of comparison.

Your Story makes you special, please tell it.


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Tell me a Story with Flowers.jpg
Tu historia te hace especial, por favor dila.
— María
Organic Flowers for wedding.jpg
Calligraphy florist quote.jpg
Motivation Monday.jpg
Calligraphy Quote
Tu historia no merece comparación.
— María
Fine art photography.jpg
Calligraphy poem.jpg
Todos somos únicos y especiales, y también lo es nuestra historia ...
— María
Wedding stationery inspiration.jpg
Romantic Calligraphy.jpg
Calligraphy phrase.jpg
Tell me a sotry.jpg