Fine Art Houston Calligrapher

Maria Zamarripa

Artist & Founder

I have been practicing the art of calligraphy since 2015 after my counselor asked me to find an activity to help me cope with stress.

During all these years of writing I have experimented with different mediums and inks using a pointed pen. The aesthetics of organic and romantic describe my work.

My inspiration comes from the beauty of imperfection and I express that in my writing; each pen stroke is unique.

Calligraphy is my way to live mindfully, appreciating and loving each and every moment of life.

I would love to create an Heirloom for your special life event. Ask me any questions you may have here


In a typical day, you can find me at home writing and baking a chocolate cake with my daughter B and son E.

Gymnastics, soccer and church keeps us busy but I try to connect as much as I can through Instagram and Facebook. Let's connect, come and say hi! ig: @esperanza.atelier F: @esperanzaateliercalligraphy